Currently, both MyCircle and Circle Go require a Circle with Disney device installed on your home Wi-Fi to work. If you download MyCircle from the App Store and launch it from your iOS device without it connected with Circle, this is what you will see:

If you are receiving this alert and have a Circle with Disney device installed on your network, check to make sure that you can access MyCircle:

  1. Confirm that your Circle with Disney device is powered on and setup on your network.
  2. Assign your iOS device to a filter level other than None. Any device that is set to a filter level of None or is an "Unmanaged Device" will not be able to use MyCircle or Circle Go.
  3. Ensure that your iOS device is connected to your home Wi-Fi the first time you attempt to launch MyCircle. Until it makes that initial connection over your home Wi-Fi, it will not be able to load properly.