Each family member has their own Circle settings, and with MyCircle, they have their own dashboard, too! There are two ways to view the MyCircle dashboard for an individual in your home:

  1. On a device assigned to them, open up a web browser and go to https://mycircle.meetcircle.com.  While the descriptions below are drawn from the MyCircle app, the dashboard options here are available both through the app and through a web browser.
  2. Open the MyCircle app and tap the profile icon in the MyCircle app.

NOTE: If the device you are using is assigned to a profile set to the filter level of "None", MyCircle will not load properly.


The MyCircle personal dashboard provides a number of important details about the profile that this device is assigned to. These include:

  • Their overall filter level (depicted by the color theme). The example above is set to Adult, and here is the color scheme:

  • An overview of where the user has spent time online today. This will provide a summary of the total online time, as well as specific categories or platforms that lead time usage for the day. 

  • A countdown toward their BedTime.

  • A report of what their Time Limits are and how much time is left in those categories for the day.

  • The specific name of the device that you are using to view MyCircle and the family member it is assigned to.