The Circle Home app can notify you of several events related to what's going on with your Circle so you can stay on top of everything that’s happening with your home Wi-Fi. You can access the notifications settings by going to Menu >> Manage >> Push Notifications, and here are what the notifications screen looks like:

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What do the notifications mean?

Time Limit Reached
Alerts you when a family member has reached one of their Time Limits.

Circle Offline
Alerts you that Circle can no longer talk to the Internet. This can happen when Circle is turned off or disconnected from your network, as well as when there is an Internet outage at your home or some other factor that might prevent Circle from getting online. NOTE: Circle may still be able to manage your network at this time. If you get this alert, check the connection of your Circle.

New Device On Network
Lets you know that a new device has joined your home Wi-Fi, along with either the manufacturer information or device name.

New Admin App Setup
Notification for when someone has successfully setup the Circle Home App to manage your Circle.

Circle Needs Attention
Alert for when Circle is running low on battery and could be offline soon.

Factory Reset
Notification that Circle has been reset to factory defaults.

To manage push notifications:

  1. Go to Menu >> Manage >> Push Notifications.
  2. Use the toggles to turn ON or OFF the notifications you’d like to receive from Circle.
  3. Press Save to retain your new notification settings.