BedTime is one of Circle's signature features. It allows you to set a bedtime in the evening when a family member's devices need to go offline for the night to avoid late night browsing and an awake time for the next morning when online activity may resume. 

Now, with the release of Circle Home 1.3.1 (iOS) and Circle Home 1.2.4 (Android), you may set separate times for weekdays and weekends!


  1. Select the family member that you want to set a BedTime for, and select BedTime from the profile settings.

  2. Turn on BedTime by toggling the Enable switch ON (to the right), and select the BedTime and Awake time for this family member. 

  3. OPTIONAL: The initial BedTime you set will apply universally across the whole week. If you want to have this BedTime only apply to certain days, you may tap any of the days at the top to remove them from this BedTime setting. In the example below, Thursday-Saturday are excluded from this BedTime.

  4. When you have set the overall BedTime, tap Done. This will bring you to the screen you can see below. If you are finished setting a BedTime for this family member, tap Done again to save this BedTime.


NOTE: If you set a weekend BedTime, all of your Awake times will apply to morning that follows either your weekday or weekend BedTimes.

  1. Tap ADD WEEKEND and select your BedTime and Awake time for the weekend. You may change which days count as "weekend" by tapping the days at the top to include or remove them from weekend settings. Tap Done to complete setting up a weekend BedTime.

  2. At this point, you may review both the weekday and weekend Bedtime settings that you have chosen. Once both the weekday and weekend BedTimes look good, tap Done again to complete settings up BedTime!

  3. OPTIONAL: You may also decide over the course of setting up these BedTimes that you'd prefer to exclude one day from BedTime settings altogether. Or, you may have set a weekend time previously but have decided to disable it. This will leave one or more days of the week without a BedTime, and you will see this before saving these BedTime settings. Don't worry, though, we'll make sure that's what you really want to do just in case you left a day out by accident!


  1. Turn both the Weeknight and Weekend enable toggles OFF (to the left). 

  2. Tap Save to put these settings into place.