Some people report launching the Circle app after they believe that Circle has paired and being asked to set up their Circle again. If this happens, often there has been a miscommunication between the app and Circle which is causing the problem. 

If launching the app brings you back to the "Begin" setup screen after you've already paired Circle, here are some steps to work through:

  • Ensure nothing changed with your network name or password. Changing your Wi-Fi network name or password will cause the pairing between your network and Circle to break. You will need to go back through the pairing process.
  • Check the light on the back of Circle. If it's blinking, you may need to pair your Circle again, so proceed through the setup screen. If it is solid, there was likely a misfire of the app. Close the Circle home app and relaunch it.
  • Reboot your router. At times, the communication between Circle and the app breaks down at the router. Rebooting (i.e., restarting) the router can help to resolve this issue.
  • Use the Ethernet cable. Connecting your Circle to your router with the Ethernet cable provided can help to strengthen the communication between the app and Circle. Circle's Ethernet port is located beneath the flap on the back of the device below where it plugs into power.
  • Reboot Circle. Turning Circle OFF and then ON again can help to get you back into the app properly.