There are times when a device in the household is shared by multiple Family Members. Whether you have a family computer, a shared tablet, or some other device that several people in your family share, Circle can help you manage online time for each of these individuals with a quick settings change in the Circle Home app. 

Circle works by assigning a device to one family member profile at a time to ensure that the Internet experience is uniquely customized for that individual, but reassigning a device from one person to another is simple with Circle! 

To assign a device to a new person:

  1. Tap the device list icon at the top right of the home screen and select the device you would like to assign to a new family member.

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  2. Tap the "Assigned to..." line and select a new family member. When you return to the device settings screen, the color scheme will follow the filter level for that family member.

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  3. Now, the new family member's profile settings will be applied when that device goes online!