Many routers have the ability to broadcast both a main network and a separate guest network. Guest networks are unique networks with their own names and passwords, though they originate from the same hardware.

The main benefit of using a guest network is that it allows folks to provide guests with Internet access in a home, office, other location while also protecting the security of their normal network. Because it is a totally separate network, folks who join a guest network are isolated from the main network and won't be able to see devices or shared services (like printers) in use on the main network.

Can I still use my guest network with Circle on my main Wi-Fi?

Under most circumstances, you can still use your guest network with Circle paired to your main network. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Circle will not manage the guest network. Because the guest network is totally separate, Circle will not see any Internet activity on that network.
  • Use a password to prevent getting around Circle.This will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your guest network without permission. Only give the guest network password to people who you don't want Circle to manage.
  • Some routers have guest networks that are incompatible with Circle. While many routers offer guest networks that work well with Circle paired with the main network, there are a few routers will known incompatibilities. You can learn more HERE.

Can Circle manage a guest network?

Circle is able to pair to a guest network that is broadcasted over the 2.4ghz band. Some dual-band routers have the ability to broadcast guest networks on both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, and Circle will be able to manage traffic over both bands. But, Circle will only pair with the 2.4ghz network. Circle will not manage Ethernet connections if paired with a guest network.

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