How does Circle handle IPv6 connections?

Circle detects and manages native IPv6 and IPv4 connections, depending on your home setup. Circle will completely operate using IPv6 when a home network is configured for that network protocol, and there is no conversion or emulation of that connection back to IPv4. 

What is IPv6?

Every device on the Internet gets assigned what's known as an "IP Address" (or, "Internet Protocol Address") to help that device be identified and located across the Internet. It's like a street address for the Internet.

There are different versions of this address system, and the most recent version widely available is "Internet Protocol version 6," or IPv6. The current thinking among the builders of Internet technology is that in order to accommodate a very large number of devices online globally, IPv6 will eventually replace the old standard, IPv4.

For most Internet users, the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 is largely invisible.