"Something Went Wrong, We couldn't talk to your Circle" alert message

During the initial connection to the Circle hotspot, it may be that you receive this alert message when you return to the Circle Home app and try to proceed through setup:

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This alert indicates that the phone or tablet that you are using to setup your Circle device is having a difficult time talking to your Circle.

If you are receiving this alert:

  1. Ensure that your Circle is turned ON and has consistent power.
  2. Move closer to Circle to ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection between Circle and the device you are using to set it up.
  3. Return to your Wi-Fi settings and ensure that your device is properly connected to the Circle-xxxx hotspot.
  4. Check to see if your phone or tablet is running a program that makes it connect to the Internet in a unique way, such as a VPN, a data compression service, a proxy connection, or something else connected to an MDM (Mobile Device Management) profile. These may need to be disabled in order for your phone or tablet to be able to talk to Circle during setupIf you are unable to turn off those services, you may need to use another device to get Circle setup. 

NOTE: Devices that use a VPN, data compression service, proxy, or MDM service will most likely be able to manage Circle after setup, even if they are not able to perform the initial setup process. This restriction only applies during setup, and you can learn more about enabling these devices to manage Circle afterwards HERE.