Allowed Site Is Not Loading Properly

There are many reasons why a site may fail to load properly on one or more of your devices when Circle is paired with your home Wi-Fi. Here are a few things to try first:

  • Reload the website
    It may be that your devices just haven't caught up with the settings changes yet.

  • Check the filter level and device assignment settings
    It may be that the filter settings changes that you made for one of your family members did not get saved. Go back to their Filter Level settings for the person whose device is having trouble, and ensure that they are properly set. Additionally, ensure that the device you're having trouble with is properly assigned to the correct profile.
    REMEMBER: Filtering toggles set to the right will allow that content, and toggles set to the left will filter that content out.

  • Check the Custom Filters
    Open the Custom Filters for the family member whose device is having trouble, and ensure that none of the custom entires are preventing that site or service from functioning.

  • Try toggling Ad Blocking OFF
    Many website or other services that go online have advertisements deeply woven into the how they work. Check to see if turning OFF the Ad Blocking at the bottom of the filter settings to see if that makes a difference. 

  • Clear the browser history (cache, cookies, etc.)
    Your browser may have saved information from before a site was allowed and doesn't know to let the site through. Use the settings for your browser to clear out the history and let the browser recalibrate to Circle.

If you are still unable to load a website that you no longer want filtered:

The Insights History view will allow you to see timelines of sites that have been visited or filtered for each profile that you have set up. If a site gets filtered, it will often show up in the Filtered list. Here's how to allow specific sites that Circle has filtered out:

  1. Open the profile settings for the family member whose device is having trouble. 
  2. Tap the Insights settings, and go to History >> Filtered.
  3. Select each website you find in there you would like to be allowed, and tap "Always allow..." for that family member. This will add the site to their Custom Filter as a site to always allow.
  4. Now, try the site again. It ought to load properly now.

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