Getting started with Circle

Before you begin getting Circle setup on your home Wi-Fi, make sure that you have the following items ready to go:

  • Circle Device 
  • Micro-USB cable (included in box)
  • USB power adapter plug (included in box)
  • Circle Home App (go to to download)
  • Your home Wi-Fi network name & password


  • The Circle Home app requires an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) running iOS 8 or later or an Android device running Jelly Bean or later.
  • A compatible Wi-Fi router. If you haven't checked this yet, head HERE to check on your router (or extender) compatibility with Circle.

Pairing Circle with your router

  1. Place Circle near your router and plug it in.
    Unlike extenders (or routers themselves), Circle doesn't talk directly to the devices in your home. Rather, Circle works by communicating directly with your router. To ensure that Circle is able to secure and maintain a strong connection on your network, place it in the same room as your router within about 5 feet, and then plug the unit into power.

    NOTE: During the initial pairing of Circle to your Wi-Fi, we recommend NOT using the Ethernet cable to connect Circle to your router. 

  2. Begin Setup. 
    Ensure that the device you have downloaded the Circle Home app onto is connected to your home Wi-Fi, then launch the Circle Home app and tap "Begin".

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  3. Get updates & plug in Circle. 
    Allow Circle to check for updates, then plug Circle into power using the USB cable and power adapter that came in the packaging. 

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  4. Connect to the Circle hotspot. 
    Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your iOS device and connect to the Circle hotspot (a unique Wi-Fi network broadcasted by the Circle device itself). The name will be something like "Circle-3HA7". Use the password "mycircle" to join the Circle hotspot, then return to the Circle app. 

    NOTE: Do not connect back to your home Wi-Fi until after you have selected your home Wi-Fi from inside the Circle Home app and receive the confirmation that the pairing process is complete.

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  5. Tell Circle your Wi-Fi network & password. 
    Once you are connected to the Circle hotspot and have returned to the Circle app, tap "Continue" to select your Wi-Fi network in the list of available networks that Circle has found, and enter your password. Use the Show Password toggle to ensure that you have entered your Wi-Fi password correctly.

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  6. Connect back to your home Wi-Fi. 
    Once your Circle has paired to your home Wi-Fi, you will receive a confirmation in the Circle Home app. At this point, go back to your Wi-Fi settings in the device you're using to setup Circle, and reconnect to your Home Wi-Fi. After this, return to the Circle app. 

    NOTE: After pairing, the Circle hotspot will disappear. This helps prevent accidental connection to the Circle hotspot.

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Having trouble?
Check out these additional support resources:

Setting up your account

  1. Enter the NAME and EMAIL for your account. 
    Enter the name you want Circle to know you by in the top box and your email in the bottom one. We will send you a verification email that you can revisit at your convenience. 

    NOTE: Entering your name and email in opposite boxes will result in Circle sending you an error (see example on the right below).

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  2. Review the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. 
    We have provided links to the EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy here. By continuing in the setup process, you are agreeing to the terms set up there. Take a look, then press Continue to keep on moving!

  3. Use your phone number to get your unique Circle passcode. 
    Circle uses a passcode system to uniquely link your phone or tablet to your Circle device. Enter your phone number in the box provided, and Circle will send you a 4-digit passcode via SMS text message. Enter this passcode to verify your app and allow it to continue to setup and manage your Circle.

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    NON-US CIRCLE USERS: Circle will automatically detect the regional information setup in the device that you are using to setup Circle and insert the country code for you (such as Sweden in the middle screenshot above). If the country code that is automatically selected does not match your actual phone number, you may tap on the country flag to select the proper country code.

  4. Enter the passcode to verify your app. 
    Entering the passcode will tell Circle that your device is authorized to continue setting up and managing your Circle. 

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Having trouble?
Check out these additional resources:

Creating family profiles

  1. Start with yourself. 
    You can set the first profile up for anyone in your home, but we recommend setting it up for yourself first to get acquainted with the settings before diving into profiles for the rest of your family. 

  2. Setup Filter, Time Limit, and BedTime settings. 
    If you need any help with these steps, use the resources below to help you out. 
    1. Filter Settings
    2. Time Limits
    3. Bedtime

  3. Assign your devices to yourself. 
    Assign any device that uniquely belongs to you to your profile. Don't worry about getting it altogether right at this point. It's easy to change who devices are assigned to once you're up and running with Circle.

  4. Repeat the process for each family member you'd like to set up a profile for. 
    Setup will look the same for each family member profile you setup. If you have devices in your home that are shared among family members, we recommend setting up profiles for any family member that you'd like to manage online time for.

Having trouble?
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Unmanaged devices

During setup, Circle will look for devices that should be Unmanaged and pre-select them to avoid issues on your network. Unmanaged Devices are ignored by Circle to ensure that none of your sensitive or smart home devices accidentally get Paused or Filtered. Circle should ignore the following:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Wi-Fi enabled outlets
  • Wi-Fi enabled light bulbs or switches
  • Other smart home devices, like speakers, etc.
  • Sensitive Wi-Fi controlled equipment
  • Networking equipment that may be detected by Circle

The Home profile

All devices that are not assigned to a Family Member or set to Unmanaged will automatically be assigned to the Home user. Any new device that joins the network will also belong to the Home User, and you can set Filters, Time Limits, and BedTime for Home just like you can for family member profiles.

NOTE: Because new devices will default to the Home, you may want to set up a "Home" profile of your own to prevent confusion around shared devices in the home and time allotments being used up by guests who use your Wi-Fi.

Having trouble?
Check out these additional resources: