Minecraft is available to play both offline without an Internet connection and online in multiplayer, Internet-based versions. Circle manages Minecraft differently depending on how a person is playing or connected to others, so here are some specifics:

Local Multiplayer

Playing multiplayer mode on a local network can be managed by Circle. While the game play does not require actually going all the way online, the connection between devices on that local network is seen by Circle, and Circle settings will be applied (Req's firmware version 1.0.9 or later).

Online Multiplayer (Includes solo player online playing with others)

Circle is able to know when a device is going online. When someone goes online to play Minecraft and joins a known Minecraft server, Circle tracks that game play and applies normal filtering and time limit parameters. Note that Circle does not know many Minecraft servers because they are set up by individual players.

Pausing and BedTime mode will always manage this kind of Minecraft game play.

Solo Offline Play

Playing Minecraft in solo mode does not require an Internet connection. As such, Circle does not see any of that Minecraft play and Circle settings will not be applied.

Our development team is currently exploring more ways of managing Minecraft for our users, especially as it relates to online multiplayer play. We will update this article with more information when additional Minecraft management options become available.