Families are all about sharing. We understand that you may want your iPhone to work differently when your child uses it than when you do. Or may you have a family computer that everyone can use throughout the day. When it comes to shared devices in your home, here are a few ideas for setting things up with Circle:

  • Assign the device to the youngest family member’s profile. Doing this ensures that no matter who is using the device, you feel comfortable with the kind of content that can be accessed by that device. You may need to make adjustments when someone else is using that device to allow them to access content.

  • Assign the device to the most frequent user’s profile.This will alleviate that need to make adjustments as often for more or less mature family members.

  • Create a profile specifically for that device. For a TV or gaming console, you may want to set specific limits that are different than for a particular user – maybe time limits on games or restricting other content makes sense in that situation. To do this, tap the menu button on the home screen, and select Add Profile. Name this profile something related to the TV or gaming console, and proceed through the steps as if it were a family member to put the proper settings in place.

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  • Swap the user profile when you change who is using the device. As part of the act of giving a child a phone to play a few games on, you may want to quickly use the Circle Home app to change the family member profile for that phone. Check here for more info: Assign a device to multiple users.