Pairing Circle to a New Network

There may come a time when you will need to pair Circle to a new home network. Whether you have purchased a new Wi-Fi router or have recently changed your network name or password, Circle will need to complete the pairing process again to continue working properly. Here's how you can move Circle over to that new network without losing your existing Circle settings:

    When Circle is uniquely paired to an existing network, the light on the back of Circle will be solid (not blinking) and the Circle hotspot will be taken down. That pairing has to be broken in order to pair Circle to a new network. 

    To do this, you will need to take down the network that Circle is paired with by either changing the network name/password or by turning the router off altogether. Once Circle is no longer able to see the network that it should be paired to, it will begin to broadcast the hotspot again after a few seconds and the light on the back of Circle will begin to blink slowly. At this point, loading up the Circle app should land you on this alert screen:

    Image title

    If you haven't yet set up the network that you want Circle to be paired to, do that now. Make sure that you know the new network name and password that you'll need to use. If you purchased a new router, be sure to check on your router's compatibility with Circle before proceeding.

    At this point, launch the Circle app from your phone or tablet. If you are using a fresh installation of the Circle Home app, proceed through the setup screen as normal. If you are using an installation of the Circle that was previously connected to Circle with a secure passcode, tap the "Pair New Circle" button on the alert screen that will display to begin the pairing process again (see image above). 

    You can either pair a new Circle to your home Wi-Fi and go through the full setup process again, or you can re-pair your existing Circle to your new network by following the in-app instructions. For a bit more detail around this process, head over to Pairing Circle.

    The profiles and settings that you had for your Circle will remain intact once Circle has been paired to that new network. If you would like to clear those out and begin afresh, open the Circle Home app menu and go to Manage >> Reset Circle. This will pull Circle back to factory defaults and let you being again. NOTE: This will also clear out the pairing information, and you will need to pair Circle again.