When Circle is set up in your home, the list of devices that show up can be a bit daunting at first. That list displays the names of every device in your house that Circle has seen as they try to go online.

Sometimes, those names are easy to understand, like "Patricks-Macbook-Pr" in the example on the left below. Other times, however, the names are confusing or unclear, such as "android-42146abc00d", and that can make it difficult to assign devices to the correct profiles. 

To identify which device is which on your network:

  1. Use the device name. 
    Some are clear enough to let you know what they are right off the bat.
  2. Look for the Manufacturer's name. 
    Some devices may have a name like"Microsoft Device", and you can use the manufacturer's name to figure out where it might belong.
  3. Use the MyCircle page. 
    To help you find the name for each device in your home, we have built a card into the MyCircle experience to help you out. Here's how to use it:

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  • After pairing your Circle, open up a web browser on any connected device and go to mycircle.meetcircle.com.
  • Tap the circular icon or picture at the top right of the MyCircle screen to show or hide the Device Name dashboard card. IMPORTANT: The Device Name dashboard card will display the name of the device that you are using to look at the MyCircle page at that moment, and that name will match an entry in the Circle Home app's device list.
  • Open up your Circle Home app and tap the device icon at the top right of the home screen to bring up the device list.
  • Find the proper device in the list, and select that device to reassign it to the proper family member. You may also rename that device if you like.
  • Sometimes, a device can send updated information to Circle with a clearer name for you to use. To get this, turn the Wi-Fi off and then on again for the device that you would like updated information for, and then refresh the Devices list by pulling down on the screen. Circle should receive updated information regarding your device. Then, refresh the MyCircle page to match the device names as described above.

If you still are having trouble:

You can also match the unique network identifier (or, "MAC Address") for your devices with the MAC address found in each of your device list entries. Here is how to do this:

  1. Identify a device in your home that you would like to find the MAC address for.
  2. Access a support resource for that device that will help you identify the MAC. Typically, an Internet search of "MAC address" + the type of device will yield the results that you need.
  3. Once you know the MAC address for that device, check each entry that you haven't identified yet in your Circle device list to see if the MAC address for that entry matches the one for the device you're trying to identify (see image below).
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