After getting Circle setup, some folks who have AT&T or T-Mobile as their cell provider may find that their voice/phone calls are having difficulty connecting while they are on the home Wi-Fi. The process often begins but eventually appears to fail. This is likely due to Circle filtering out the VPN connection that those phones are using to make the call (see explanation below).

To allow these calls:

  1. Open the profile for the family member whose device(s) is experiencing the voice calling problem.
  2. Tap "Filter Level" for that profile, and scroll to the bottom of the category list (see image below).
  3. Find the "VPNs & Proxies" category, and turn it ON (toggle to the right) to allow those calls. Then, press Save.
  4. Now, test to make sure that Circle will allow those calls to go through.

Image title

NOTE: Only the Adult and Teen Filter Levels
have the VPN & Proxies filter category.

If this doesn't work:

  • Make sure that the device that is having issues is properly assigned to the correct family member. Look HERE for some help with assigning devices.
  • Open up the Filter Level settings and ensure that the setting change was saved.
  • Check your Custom Filter to ensure that there aren't any websites in there that may continue to be filtering out those calls.

A brief explanation of VPNs and Wi-Fi calling:

In many cases, this is issue crops up due to the way that some cell providers (such as T-Mobile and AT&T) have implemented Wi-Fi calling on some of the smartphones and handsets that are available through their cellular plans. These providers use what is known as a VPN (or, Virtual Private Network) to create a secure tunnel between that smartphone and their internal systems in order to keep those calls secure for their users. 

At every Filter Level other than "None," Circle filters out VPN & Proxy connections by default. This is because these services are often used to get around restrictions, like time limits or filtering, but we also recognize that there are a number of totally legitimate uses for VPNs, such as creating a secure connection with your company's internal systems or, in this case, making voice calls using your home Wi-Fi.